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Don't replace it. Repair it.
Save up to 60%
No digging required.
Concrete Slab Lifting

Our 2-part polyurethane resin (supports 14,500 lbs. per cubic foot) will raise and level large concrete slabs and is far more cost-effective than removal and replacement. Our methods stabilize the underlying soil which concrete replacement alone will not do. Best of all, you can park your vehicles or equipment  on it immediately after we leave.

Leak Sealing

Whether a subgrade structure or dams and levees, water can jeopardize the structural integrity once it infiltrates. Polyurethane resins are a much less invasive approach to repairing leaks.  Their chemical properties seek out even the smallest leaks and combine with soil and concrete to create a solid, water impermeable mass. Our products are certified NSF61-5, safe for contact with drinking water.

Sea Wall Repair

Our single component, semi-rigid polyurethane soil stabilization resin  is injected into and below the soil, directly behind the current seawall panel to create a rock hard, water tight mass of impermeable soil. This low viscosity resin will bond and strengthen the soil to form a "curtain" of protection. This "curtain" totally eliminates any voids and super-strengthens the wall while stopping the inflow of water.

Soil Stabilization

Weak soil can lead to many different issues. Our chemical grouting process, using polyurethane resins will permeate, compact, encapsulate, and combine soil properties while seeking out and filling all voids present. Soil is squeezed to high pressures to gain maximum strengths. 


  • Manufacturing Floor
  • Dam/Levee Leak Seal
  • Seawalls
  • Garage Floors
  • Sub-Grade Leak Seal
  • Void Fill
  • Loading Dock
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Driveways
  • Pool Decks



We are the cleanest lifting, leveling and stabilization process. Because the injection equipment is mechanically connected to the slab or structure, and mechanical seals engage when not injecting material, no loose material is introduced to the repair area. Dustless drilling is easily accomplished, and even non-dustless drilling is essentially mess-free due to the small hole size. There is no grout or mud to track around job sites.

Less Disruptive

We offer the quietest and fastest process for stabilizing and raising settled concrete slabs and soils. Because of the small hole size, drilling is fast and quiet, and there is virtually no noise associated with the injection process itself. Our equipment is self-contained in a box truck, which is typically parked away from the direct work location.

Immediate Traffic

Foot traffic during work is functionally OK, and immediate resumption of vehicular traffic after work is completed can be expected. Our process is not affected by foot traffic during the injection process; as long as pedestrians are able to step over or around the injection equipment, they may continue to use the area being repaired.  Vehicular traffic may resume immediately after work is completed.  This includes heavy loading such as trucks and industrial equipment like fork lifts, and even trains.


Our process can lift up to 12 times faster than standard slab jacking or mud jacking in many situations.  Because of the small hole size and ability to lift larger areas per hole, foam jacking is much quicker than slab jacking. Because of the equipment design, upon arriving on a job, foam jacking can lift slabs within 10 minutes of arrival for typical repairs.

***The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all public rights-of-way joints to be closed and flush to prevent tripping and reduce the possibility of canes or small wheels getting trapped in gaps or spaces. Sidewalks with more than 1/4" difference in elevation are not in compliance with safety standards and may be subject to fines and penalties.***



Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"Very professional and honest. The work did not stop today until I was completely satisfied!! Thanks Helms family for helping us protect and repair our largest investment.. Mr. Helms' last words were 'That's not a company name on my trailer, That’s my last name!'  I highly recommend Helms Polyfoam,"

- Bubba L.

Vicksburg, MS

"So thankful to find the professional team of Helms! Hard working, dedicated, perfectionist and committed to the customer's happiness. We will most definitely recommend Helms Polyfoam."

- Deanna G.

Ridgeland, MS

"Helms Polyfoam just completed a complex structural lift for me of over three inches and the project was a complete success without any flaws whatsoever. I recommend this company both personally and as a construction professional myself."

- James H.

Eupora, MS

"Helms Polyfoam did a great job, restoring the elevations of the parking lot and stopping the erosion from the Mississippi River. The project was done to the satisfaction of both the owner and the insurance company. Looking forward to working with Helms Polyfoam in the future."

- Allan W.

Executive Vice President

A&B Consulting



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